Fall 2018 Classes are Posted!

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October 2018

Sports Explained
October 2, 9, 16, 23
9:00 AM (TUE)
Denny Thompson
During the classes we will explore the basics of football, basketball, and baseball. An emphasis will be placed on the fundamentals of playing each sport, strategies, skills needed to play and things done to develop those skills, and how important it is for the players to work together for the success of the team. Married to wife Linda for 47 years and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Graduated from Blissfield High in 1969, attended Adrian College, taught Physical Education and Science at Blissfield Middle School for 40 years. Coached at Blissfield High School 40 years of football, basketball, baseball, and track. After retiring from Blissfield, coached football at Onsted High School and baseball at Adrian High School for 5 years.

History and Foodstuffs
October 2, 9, 16, 23
11:00 AM (TUE)
Ray Lennard The class will look at various historical aspects of food and how food helped to shape history. How did boycotting foods help to shape society? How did ethnic foods enter into mainstream American menus? Why do we eat what we eat? What does wartime do to our food, and afterwards how do we change our menus? Mr. Lennard is the curator of the W. G. Thompson Museum. He also serves as President of the Lenawee County Civil War Roundtable.

See, Click, Smile
October 2, 9, 16, 23
1:00 PM (TUE)
Lad Strayer & Vicki Schmucker
Photography has come a long way from the day of your faithful Brownie camera or your favorite Kodak. No more taking your favorite film to the drug store and waiting a week for your pictures to return. You no longer calculate the cost of your vacation pictures with every click of the camera. But with these welcome changes comes a learning curve that can be frustrating. Lad Strayer and Vicki Schmucker will make the learning curve less painful using real-world language and concentrate on the art of taking better pictures without a lot of technical talk, rather a fun class about how to get better pictures with your current digital camera or phone. No film cameras, please. The class will be tailored to the students and cameras in the class. There is a maximum number of participants of 10 for this class. First ones registered will be in the class. Lad Strayer and Vicki Schmucker combined their talents over 10 years ago to form wePhoto, a commercial photography business in Lenawee County. The pair work for a number of local businesses and individuals to help their clients present themselves, their product or their service in the best possible light. wePhoto works out of their studio in the Adrian Center for the Arts or can serve their customers on location. In addition to their photography services, wePhoto also teaches a number of classes to individuals and groups interested in more about the process and art of photography.

Gender and Diversity
October 2, 9, 16, 23
3:00 PM (TUE)
Dr. Amy Hillard
This course will examine how gender influences who we are and our experience of the world. We will critically examine biological, psychological, and cultural determinants of observed (or perceived) gender differences, similarities, and variations. Dr. Amy Hillard is a social psychologist who teaches at Adrian College. Her research focuses on gender stereotypes and methods of reducing stereotyping and prejudice. This course will examine These lectures come. Dr.

One hundred years since . . .
October 3, 10, 17, 24
9:00 AM (WED)
Marilyn Kremer
The Great War and the Great Flu Epidemic. A look back at the autumn of 1918 with the finale of the world’s first global war and the global epidemic that was tied to it. We’ll look at how this war reshaped fighting, discuss the role women played, and explore stories of events even here in North America tied to the war in Europe, as well as trace the journey of the global flu epidemic from here to Europe and back and see how it was tied to WWI. Marilyn Kremer is a veteran LLL presenter with an eclectic interest in a broad scope of subjects. She’s led classes in such topics as; baseball, broadcasting, theater, American legends, language history, and most recently on Martin Luther and the Reformation.

Focus on Seniors
October 3, 10, 17, 24
11:00 AM (WED)
Jane Clark, RN, MPH, CS
Focus on seniors will consist of the following four sections? 1. Move it or lose it: basics of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. 2. You are what you eat: basics of nutrition and supplements. 3. An ounce of prevention: vaccines for adults, fall prevention and first aid. 4. Don’t worry, be happy: Activities for an active mind. Jane Clark, RN, MPH, CS, has spent 35 years in public health and has been a clinical instructor at MSU, and an Infection Control Manager at Foote Hospital. Her areas of expertise are epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Poetry Appreciation
October 3, 10, 17, 24
1:00 PM (Wed.)
Charmaine Stangl
In this episode of Poetry Appreciation we will look at as wide a variety of poetry as I can put together. It’s inevitable, I hope, that you will find some memorable, powerful, moving pieces. We will also have some discussion of big questions about poetry, e.g., “What makes a poem good?” and, “Why did anyone ever write a poem in the first place?” Charmaine Stangl is a retired English teacher and life-long lover of poetry. She has taught in two high schools, a community college, two universities, and most recently, for Lenawee Lifelong Learning. 3:00 PM (Wed.)

A Study of the Korean Conflict
October 3, 10, 17, 24
3:00 PM (Wed.)
Florian Berdyck
Week 1. Korea – Land of the Morning Calm or Frozen Chozen. Week 2. The northern view of Korean reunification – Kim Il Sung and his good friend, Joseph Stalin, decide the time is ripe to test Truman and the American will over Truman’s defensive position in the Pacific. The southern view of Korean reunification – Syngman Rhee, the self-pro-claimed leader of South Korea, wants American men, money and materials to invade the north. Mr. Rhee does not find a friendly ear in form of General Douglas MacArthur. As we shall see, they are not the best of friends. Truman and Stalin find themselves locked in a war of words and actions that becomes the “Cold War.” Week 3. The Korean War – Blood on the mountain tops; death in the valleys. Into this war, North Korea and China pour manpower against NATO forces, which in the words of Lt. Gen Matthew Ridgeway, “they’re walking into a wall of metal.” Week 4. The 38th Parallel – A fact of life that might change under President Trump and Kim Jung Un. But, on the other hand, since nothing was signed at their “historic” meeting and Mr. Trump may not be re-elected in two years, Mr. Un may not be in a hurry to agree to his side of the agreement. Will see. Florian was graduated from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA in 1971 with a BA in English Literature with minors in German, history and speech; and from the Un. Of Missouri School of Journalism. He has experience in newspaper reporting and writing; and experience in industrial technical writing.

Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice
(Room 2) October 3, 10, 17, 24
3 PM (Wed.)
Dr. Robert Ploegstra
An overview and discussion of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Robert Ploegstra, PhD, born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, attended Calvin College, Western Michigan University, and Michigan State University. A linguist and student of Anglo-Saxon, he is an expert in names, early European history, and proud of his Frisian heritage.

Wine and Food Pairing
One Time Class 3:00 PM (Thur.)
Oct 25th
Bob Utter
Discover how different wines (dry, sweet, white, red) interacts with different foods and their characteristic tastes (sweet, bitter, salty, etc.). Sample the different combinations with different wines and discuss the taste reaction each offers. A $10.00 fee to cover the wine costs is required for this class. Bob Utter is the owner of the Flying Otter Winery. He is a wine connoisseur and has many years of wine-making experience. This class will be held in the Common Room at the Weber Center.

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